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The Wedding Book

Love at first sight

The art and passion of the photographers, the sensibility, expectations and dreams of the couples, the emotions and amazement of their loved ones… all these feelings take form in a book that you will love at first sight. Graphistudio shapes your dreams thanks to a world-class quality and a style that expresses all the charm of the Made in Italy.

The Block

Values that last

The quality of ‘Made in Italy’. Refined materials, special solutions such as our internationally patented seamless binding, the perfectly lay flat opening and the extreme attention to the finishing are the distinctive marks of the Graphistudio Wedding Book: a memento guaranteed to preserve unaltered through the years, the charm and the emotions of the most beautiful story in the world.

Book sizes:

Vertical: 6×8, 8×12, 9.5×13,
Horizontal: 8×6, 12×8, 13×9.5,
Square: 6×6, 8×8, 9.5×9.5, 12×12.

64,000 colour combinations:

The 40 GoColor shades available for the cover, the spine & back.

Photographic paper:

Minimum of 20 to a maximum of 60 pages (sides).
Glossy or matte lamination is available on request.

Board linings.

Layflat continuous binding:

Allows you to view the panoramic page without seeing a separation in the seam.

The widest range available on the market

Unlimited options, finishing and combinations to offer you the best of the Made in Italy quality.

The formats

Our book sizes range from the majestic 16×20” to the new 14×18”, the classic 12×16” to the compact 9.5×13” and 8×12”. The corresponding landscape and square versions are also available

The papers

You can choose the photographic or the metallic paper with digital laser printing, or as an alternative, the textured, smooth or pearl paper with digital offset printing. All options are available with glossy or matte lamination with the exception of the metallic paper which is already laminated by default.

The Block

To enhance and preserve the high fidelity of the book prints, Graphistudio has invented and patented a revolutionary binding system, whose superior quality is literally self evident. The perfectly lay-flat opening allows a panoramic and detailed view of the whole spread, including the parts positioned over the seam. The result is a nearly cinematographic, captivating experience. The innovative mechanics of the block guarantees a quality unalterable throughout the years.

The Linings

The accurate preparation and attention to the details is what distinguish a quality product. Among these details, one of the most important is the lining: its colour guarantees a harmonic combination between the outside and inside of the book, and its texture creates a balanced link between the precious cover material and the finishing of the pages. Apart from these aesthetical reasons, the linings play a basic role in the mechanical connection between the cover and the block. For this reason only the best cloths are used to fulfill this essential function. The colour palette is extremely wide, as is the refined choice of the spun cloths available.

The Bindings

The real connection between the digital and the traditional worlds, giving the book its massive and linear outlook.

This option confers heaviness to the book by adding an insert between the pages.

This option guarantees a flexible page, conferring a modern and slim look to the book.

The choice is amazingly wide
The extraordinary result of a 20 years journey of discovery is called Wedding Book. An exceptional product that enhances the photographic reportage by combining printing art with the prestigious editorial layout of the most celebrated projects.
The choice of formats, papers, covers, coordinated accessories and prices is amazingly wide: the perfect option to produce your own, unique, book and to perfectly satisfy all your needs